It all started when I was a teenager where a true passion for sneakers was born.

It began to occupy a huge part of my free time, indeed, fascinated by the history of legendary sneakers, I started to collect them. In order to expand my collection, a bunch of trades and sales have been made, so much that I decided to make it my business.
This is how the story of Matt Sneakers began.

My goal is to give all sneaker lovers, enthusiasts and curious people the opportunity to buy the limited products they like with confidence. The pairs offered by Matt Sneakers are, for the most part, out of stock instantly when they come out in stores and on traditional websites. They are then resold new on a secondary market at much higher prices because demand exceeds supply. To offer its products, Matt Sneakers has created a network of tens of thousands of partner retailers around the world.

Before reaching your hands, all products go through a quality and authenticity check: every detail, from the tags to the stitching, is thoroughly examined to ensure that the product you receive is authentic, new and without any doubt free of any fault.

Do you want to sell one or more new pairs? Matt sneakers buys your products!

A question about the right size to choose, our next releases or an urgent request on a product? Write to us by whatsapp at +972 537087941 or send us an e-mail.
Our team is always available to answer your questions.